Biggest And Strongest Bodybuilders

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If you want to become a bodybuilder or you just respect people who put their bodies first, you likely love to know some background about a few of the biggest and strongest bodybuilders of all eras.

You would likely love to learn about their diets, the exercises that they do on a daily level, and all other things that made them a prominent name in the bodybuilding world.

The kingdom of bodybuilders is quite fierce and is loaded with lots of competitive spirit. They follow a routine of tedious exercises and strict diets to build their bodies.

This article is going to talk about about 3 international guys who are among the strongest and biggest bodybuilding hunks who deserve a round of applause.

Rehan Jalali:

Rehan Jalali has been internationally acclaimed for hundreds of dietary supplements that he has developed. This Sports Nutritionist also has written more than 250 articles on supplements and nutrition.

Most of the Olympic athletes, medical professionals as well as professional bodybuilders have recognized his work. The most important thing to note about him is that he is a natural bodybuilder.

Rehan owns a number of bodybuilding titles such as Iron man magazine – “naturally building” champion, and Mr. Texas.

He is a well-read person and has studied workout supplements for over 10 years.

After Rehan was done studying, he created the Supplement Research Foundation. He also wrote books like The Bodybuilding Supplement Guide and The Ultimate Performance Guide.

Today his standards are well recognized by many people who are involved in the same field.

Philip Heath:

Being a basketball player at University of Denver, Philip had a good athletic career.

Because he learned how to be disciplined, and because he had the competitive spirit that was required to be succesfull in his basketball career, he had massive success in body building profession.

In 2003, Philip had his first competition, and during this period he enhanced his body size from 185 lbs to 215 lbs. This won him the Rocky mountain NPC USA campion title.

After tasting success, he enrolled in a gym and trained hard, which helped him win the Mr. Colorado competition, 200 lbs category. Later, he signed up with Weider health and fitness center to ensure his future success.

Philips has won many accolades such as the Overall champ, NPC USA champion title in 2005 and Mr. Olympia in 2011. Later he also won the second place in Arnold Classic in 2010 and the first place in IFBB New York Pro in 2006.

Rob Terry:

Rob started bodybuilding after he tried weight training in the gym of a hotel in America during a family tour. From that point, there was no looking back.

His main aim was to stay fit and lean and he has succeeded to maintain an eye-grabbing physique. He achieved this through good diet, proper and regular training and correct nutrition throughout the year.

He has signed with Total Nonstop Action or TNA, WWE and was a heavyweight champion. He is also popular for his appearance in various movies, competitions and TV shows that display his wrestling abilities.

Mark Tomich
Mark has been into a healthy lifestyle for over 4 years. He regularly goes to the gym, jogs every day and respects natural bodybuilders like Rehan Jalali.

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